Born and raised in northern Italy, Piero studied Cinema and Art Studies at the University of Turin. There he analyzed the work of directors such as Truffaut, Kubrick, Lynch, and Wenders and developed a deep interest in visual storytelling. He was inspired by the images of artists like Boris Kaufman, Sven Nykvist, Robbie Muller and Conrad L. Hall. He graduated with a thesis on the works of David Lynch, knowing that cinematography would be his ultimate pursuit.

Piero began building a career as a director of photography while also working as a Steadicam operator. He photographed a number of award winning films and documentaries with some of the most interesting young directors in Italy. He presented himself as a talented and fast director of photography, with a strong and mature vision. 

He shot 14 major projects between features and tv series, dealing with high to very low budgets showing a great capacity for managing the problems of limited equipment and crew while maintaining a distinctive visual character, as well as many short films and documentaries. They have been screened in major international festivals, including Venice in competition, Cannes and Locarno and have been awarded important prizes and received international recognition, including nominations at the European Film Awards & at the David di Donatello and several victories at Festivals around the globe (including Oberhausen, Edinburgh, Turin, and Huesca).

The main characteristics of Piero’s work are the strong visual personality, connected with a deep understanding of the moviemaking process and a great capacity of adaptation to work in various and demanding conditions and with different crews. He is able to work on large productions as well as with small crews using only available and practical light.

Piero believes strongly that the work of the director of photography is to understand the facets of the vision of the director and translate the whole, with special sensitivity to creative integrity, to the silver screen.

Piero Basso is based in NYC, where he lives with his wife, daughter and son. He is bilingual and holds permanent residency in the U.S and European Citizenship.

He is a member of the AIC, Italian Association of Cinematographers